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CPA Believes IRS Incompetency beefs up Killing American Troops During the next three months the Treasury Inspector General for Tax national government, Prices made by the US Treasury will be defrauded $14 to $16 billion by tax frauds.

Each and every one tax season 30 million tax filers(Not most customers) Share with a $60 billion dollar money pie called Earned tax Credit. What commenced in 1975 as an admirable idea and expanded by Ronald Reagan to assist low income parents has morphed into a gigantic fraud that threatens the safety of ALL Americans courtesy of the incompetency within the walls of the irs. Sincere Apology to forces different groups Before starting my discussion I want to apologize to military families, Relatives and friends where one can find suffered losses in the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. My purpose isn't to bring pain to all who have lost household but rather to: Stop the Madness referred to as irs. Nara Doe(Related of two) Happenings $14,420 income from an unreal cleaning up business on her tax return. Since Jane won't have a home business, She doesn't have a to purchase any brooms, Airborne filth griddles, Washing utility caddy or mops. For Jane's attempts, She qualifies for federal tax credits of $6,900. Prior to as soon as US Treasury deposits a tax refund of $4,900 right straight to her bank, They make a deposit into Jane Doe's social security retirement be the reason for $2,000. From start to finish, best sales on black friday Jane can complete her phantom tax return using phantom income in 15 far more units! IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to a Single lawrenceville residence location Forrest Gump memorialized the do some how to fish line"It is not me a Smart Man, Forrest wasn't aware how meticulous the phrase"Mama be sure to said absurd is as moronic does" Would apply when posting on the IRS. If terrorists have the effect of only of 1% of projected 8 million fraudulent EITC tax returns, It surgical marks tax fraud of $200 million. The net shows the average cost of an IED is $500. Affirmed method, The US Treasury may induce annually initial funds 400,000 IED's! Probable enemy Tax Refund Fraud S'av'e rrtre. Falsified Earned tax Frauds 60% of Iraq War deaths attributable to IED'sUS Citizens Indicted for Selling Approx. 20,000 particular custom to IranLeading al Qaeda Members Based in Iran CNN reported the 9/11 cost payment found that of the 19 hijackers, "8 to 10 with the help of 14 Saudi"Lean buff" Agents headed into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001, To cover the reporter Peter Bergen, Iran has been a safe place to al Qaeda for over a long time. This built in 75 ones counties of France and Germany. Why would those countries be so interested in understading about EITC tax fraud technology within the? Why is the IRS Afraid to Use FREE technological advances defend Troops? The Supreme black friday cell phone deals Court has said that if you willfully defraud government entities by filing false tax returns you can be deported. One year ago I provided to test 30 million EITC taxes in 30 minutes for FREE. The IRS said they would not accept my offer unless I resubmitted my entire task. Since tax season was commencing the following month, There wasn't any chance that the IRS will likely have approved my"Free give" You're able to save taxpayers $3.7 million. Tea Party Scandal is Small Potatoes distinct from Massive IRS Corruption Within the last year the IRS: 1) Lied about conducting $3 what deals on black friday billion tax fraud looking procedure, 2) Broke online internet home industry pledge, 3) Broken country wide laws, 4) Was caught in a sting operation that proved IRS was taking credit for conducting phantom prepared or not, 5) Snubbed Congressional brought on, 6) Was guilty of conversion when american workers cashed paychecks for work never performed and 7) Wholly loyal honest suppliers fraud(Govt. felony) By failing to provide public with the intangible right of honest service. I asked the US Department of Justice Tax Division for help to visit potential felonies committed by IRS employees. The course notes said eight months later and stated that the DOJ"Lacks regulation over the alleged offenses, Provided the fox manages the hen house, The farmer will never find out the certainty concerning his missing chickens or learn more on why the fox has feathers coming out of his mouth. Congress Needs which will attach the Dots to Terrorism Back in 1980 when I filed my tax ask for their money back wasn't unusual to wait 8 weeks for reimbursement in the mail. Tech developments allow folks to receive their refunds in 7 to 10 days. I suspect a choice is about tax frauds need to pay off their Christmas charges. Why does getting money in the pockets of Black Friday buyers take priority over American troops? The IRS has morphed into the most important fraudulent legal entity across the nation. I estimate that of the $250 billion paid in tax refunds during the next three months $50 billion will be placed within reach of tax frauds, Career identity thieves and world enemy. Time for National florida sales tax safeguard Americans I'm mostly of poor people of ghana in the US that can play the IRS fraud card and back it up. My dealings with the IRS during many years can be summed up with 5 words: Enthusiastic, Manipulative, Risky, Natural and unlawful. I've been a CPA for over 30 many I'm Certified monetary Forensics. I've piled up undeniable evidence that the IRS is committing felonies. The recent Congressional hearings haven't implemented anything.

The Tea Party needs to use its power and influence clothing black friday deals and demand Congress dismantle the IRS as their severe level of incompetency threatens the safety of American troops and safety of ALL us residents. Let's get Congress working on a national sales tax that would replacement filing a tax return for anyone earning less than $250,000/yr. This may finish off four things: 1) Allow everyone to pay their large number, 2) Stop US Treasury from being defrauded $50 thousand, 3) Slow up the IRS labor force from 100,000 to enable you to 10,000 and then the 4) Allow military parents the peace of mind knowing that the IRS isn't funding weapons which can be used to kill their kids.

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