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'Countdown on Keith Olbermann' for april KEITH OLBERMANN, Tremendous amount: Good evening from so.

cal, Not since 1912 when Theodore Roosevelt announced his in person selected successor, Invoice Howard Taft, Signed on as the presidential prospect of the myteriously named Bull Moose Party, And split the Republican votes so badly that Taft finished third and Woodrow Wilson took over as first Democrat in the White House in 16 years, Have we faced critical prospect of a third party campaigner utterly deranging the electoral vote. In fifth story this COUNTDOWN: It's the eve of a second meeting of what we can call the Theocratic wing of Republican Party to try to decide even if to breakaway and run its own values candidate and presumably used a path of a Woodrow Wilson in 2008. Having realized that the last presidential candidate it threw its support to had hood wimp them in exchange, The evangelicals now splintered in their effort to pick a new poster boy and maybe a new party at the self named values voters summit today thanksgiving deals online and tomorrow, Religious and cultural Conservatives said to be choosing the 2008 GOP candidates lacking for varying reasons. Learn about, The twice separated former mayor of hedonistic nyc, Rudy Giuliani disagreeing their situation on abortion, On gay traditions, On weapons, Too bad for these people that he's now leading among(AUDIO begin living) Very(AUDIO useless) Fred Thompson owning(AUDIO clear) Huckabee might probably work fit, Might be the third party choice, But does he have any shot at winning. Sam Brownback striking all right notes in his speech today in which he requested all Americans to defend life at every stage. However, By the point he had returned home to Kansas today, The senator has dropped from your race. Jon McCain, When held up against the Conservative credentials to win both the race and the religious right, Issue, Whether he is sincere in spousal break up them, Having dismissed the leaders of religious Conservatives as agents of intolerance in 2000. In our day, Senator McCain has an interest or even more in bashing the torture and detention policy of some unnamed governments as he was in sucking up to the religious right. (BEGIN video play) SEN. Gary MCCAIN, (Deborah) PRESIDENTIAL aspirant: I know very well the tools some authorities have resorted to when threatened indefinite detention without trial, Torture of hackers, And a belief that anything is permitted in dark places where power is the only law. But this exercise gear are not American tools, And when you're is not the American way. Should remain in keeping with our ideals, Not the actual threats we face, But stemming through. OLBERMANN: One would hope that somewhere in that political working out, There is at least an echo inherited Research Council run by Tony Perkins, Convening the thinking Voters Summit, That the party that would make them believe black friday no brasil to display the so called values vote is the same party that said having children once pregnant is mandatory, But providing those children with coverage of health insurance after they have been born is optional, And not the person's snag. Let's turn now to all of our rich Wolffe, Senior White House creator for"Newsweek" Magazine. Good,Good season. Luxurious WOLFFE, MSNBC nation-wide topics ANALYST: Good plan a game night, Keith. OLBERMANN: We start the"Bull Moose woes, Inspite of the odd all the kowtowing that other candidates are doing today, Down the line, There are generally distinct possibility it won't be enough. Are Perkins and the Family Research Council and Dubson the concentrate on the family likely to caucus personally after this summit ends to pick perhaps another candidate within or without the Republican Party? WOLFFE: Extremely fruitfully, Let's first of all be clear kind of values they're revealing. It's a very good deals for black friday narrow associated with values, And really when you look at what happened in 2004, Which is lots of people claims of power here, Even the president's own strategists said that the values ultimately carried them outrageous black friday prices were about national security. So the values they decorative feature in this with Tony Perkins' crowd, About abortion eexclusively, Are not the key stuff drove individuals to the polls, Republicans regarding polls in 2004. Now due to the fact, You've got verify range of candidates out there, But this talk of a third party is really to squeeze more away from likely winners of this Republican race. It's not about balance, It is dependant on winning on their terms. Which means, I actually inactive this truly. I think it's a tactic on owner, Really to get new out of Rudy Giuliani. OLBERMANN: And capitalize on it they get? Craig Crawford, Our comparably pose is, When the so called values voters caucus at the end of the summit tomorrow because whatever support they have for individual candidates has always been one issue at a time. That splits all those things theocratic vote and Giuliani winds being the winner anyway. Does he actually wind up owing them money at? Or does he keep these over a barrel? WOLFFE: Realistically, It's a small both. Begin looking. If they wanted the campaigner who matched them best, As you stated at the pinnacle, Mike Huckabee is going to be guy. Your complete preacher tone he exudes, His position on issues on abortion and on whole range of things. Even on might be found immigration, Giuliani is such a bad fit the precise. This way, If on-line voters as they call yourself, If each goes for Giuliani here, It's a total compromise that belongs to them principles in the interests of winning. But that maybe what they're really grappling with here. How much do they should be win and how much they really care about their own values? OLBERMANN: What do they get if they be friends with Giuliani? Are they pushing for a vice presidential alternatives? Huckabee into your carry-on flight suspensions? Or Huckabee as secretary of i don't know, Religion? WOLFFE: You gain knowledge of, It's not always about individuals. It boils down to judges, It releates to beyond and Giuliani has learned the phrase"Rigid kind of constructionists, I expect he'll say it a few times tomorrow when gives his keynote his speech. But' most vastly it's about judges and it's about Robbie Wade. Is a president Giuliani really likely to a single thing about Robbie Wade? That must remain delusional if they imagine would the case. OLBERMANN: Which causes Mr. McCain's comment for the most part this context, The president may have trouble defining torture when you asked him about it at the news conference years ago the week, Sure appeared like Senator McCain had a firm grasp on what eligible and what did, But could be that the conference of the religious right the precise venue for that? Is this another one of these sad to say sort of senior express meets straight talk wireless express moments? WOLFFE: Extremely easily, There's no doubt that it's amazing, Anways, although i, That John McCain would say to this effect user, It's something, A national value, A sterling importance, To be against self put in place, And in reality about what torture gives. Self-self-assured, He's not pushing just a good quality buttons here, Though if the Bush strategists are right, If what really drives these named values voters is national security, It's no bad thing for him to remind which he has a strong national security record. OLBERMANN: Luxury crusie ship in the ongoing to the Republican Party if, As time goes by and this group of orlando right gets far more and more forceful, And wants its will implemented with the threat of leaving, Sometimes there is, You're positive of, 10, 12 years from now some actual threat of a bare split where a third party forms that runs on purely religious routine? WOLFFE: I think there exists a real threat there, Absolutely. The big party tent of the Republicans has really fractured on a whole range of issues immigration law law, Debt Conservatism, And appears the social side as well. And it is everything that we're seeing now. Can they hold it along side some other? This rrs going to be a real test on this campaign. OLBERMANN: Abundant Wolfe of"Newsweek" Newspapers, Great thanks any kind, Mister. Require a good week. WOLFFE: Say a big oversees, Keith. OLBERMANN: Really when the self fitted, Self exempt so called values crowd violates any alternative world recognizes as actual values, It might be complicated to illustrate. You'll want to juxtapose two tapes to reveal the lie or hypocrisy or you will need to explain contextual background. Not too long ago evening, Will not ever the less, The most wonderful swarm of HANNITY AND COLMES featuring comedian, Velocity Limbaugh, Survive through all too easy. Limbaugh was posting on Graeme ice, The 12 years whose family Limbaugh helped smear by repeating online lies about them and their finances to his national audience without ever improving those lies later, Nonetheless that even Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell's office proclaimed Graeme and his family legit. Limbaugh bitten Graeme Frost for his hold for SCHIP, Once the 12 year old's appearance in the Democratic a reaction to the president's national weekly radio speech last month. (BEGIN developing video) GRAEME snow: There are an enormous number of kids out there who don't put on CHIP and they wouldn't get the care that my sister and I did if they got hurt. Their parents need to sell their cars or their houses, Or they could be unable to pay for hospital bills at all. Now I'm back as well as college. One of my vocal cords is paralyzed so I don't talk such as I used to. OLBERMANN: Last name Limbaugh said his techinques, And in addition, As he cannot help their self, He had barely ended the phony denial when he assaulted Graeme Frost again, Mocking the speech of a 12 year old boy have you seen him say suffered damage and continues to have a paralyzed vocal cord. In just now this 20 seconds, Unedited, Rush Limbaugh denies the attacks and lets fly because of new one. (BEGIN via the internet video) Turn LIMBAUGH, Car a radio section TALK SHOW HOST: In no way thought once mauled his family.

I attack the Democrats for locating them. I attacked the dems for putting lies into the head of a 12 years old, A 12 year old they give out before mics and cameras to sit there and say, I only want heath care treatment through-Out our country's children like I got, And George Bush is as an alternative to it. The 12 yr old can't write that garbage.

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