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black friday meaning

black friday meaning

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black friday internet deals

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Comcast Terminates Time Warner Cable blending Video Effective.

It's Friday April 24 markets in texas are open big numbers morning is forty twenty billion dollars so it will be. And cast moving and driving the plug. On the proposed 45 point two billion dollar merger with Time Warner Cable regulators concerned a Comcast Time Warner tie up. Haven't unfair advantage that acquire with ultimately too much of a herd of Comcast overcome in order to get government approval. Level and Dan Cutler and New York so in a quarrel Comcast CEO Brian Roberts noted. Today we move on of course we could possibly have liked to bring Margaret products to be city's but we structured the deal so that if government entities didn't agree. We're able to emerge. So that's the actual and I wanna that'll keep your capacity to purchase over Yahoo! Finance for more on this when so a key goes a person understand earlier now. We hats reports appearing one day the DOJ. Wasn't exactly you know approve this originated and exactly putters have sealed pro blog that not of the the FCC is well so was that basically management experience both of those entities going against that it was going to be humor the get go. Yeah I mean that's basically what we saw this deal goes sour who are talking up his earlier a few days ago designated SEC saying that they want to bring this deal to. Within this particular admin. Law judge which essentially people took it to mean that possibly just trying to delay this but. But never that the FCC and to the DOJ were supportive of that that possibly essentially trying to delay because eventually they could block it and so. This went in fourteen months from this deal that was foreseen to earlier this week saying you know this deal of never go through it and today we saw both you know. Comcast and in the DOJ coming out defining that. In fact as we envisioned. The steals and on taking part in. In in general of the argument was that this company if in fact it would've gone through as a merger would just far to dominate in the market right. Absolutely it's proclaiming that Comcast would have just had too much leverage within the and you look at the numbers Stan. At that if this deal had Comcast what a directed 57%. Of the nation's broadband market 30%. Of the TV market and the concern for the DOJ and the FCC was that this can stifle rivals. That Comcast could in essence try to manage. You know as other standalone that we've been hearing a lot about these so standalone Internet streaming services like HBL. CBS that Comcast find a way to control that it may be blocking it. Purely as a result would. Want as a cable provider for consumers to paying cable service so stifling opponent was the big concern for the DOJ and FCC. Yet wouldn't have these discussions they're really they're they're two compounds that's right it's always about distribution and that's about content and if you control both of those that these more than basically do kind of rrn this market. What do i mean then for something like a Netflix you're talking about there HBO on demand that would those kind of companies when they will do the content and the distribution. Will begin jays put out a statement these people think that this is better for the consumer a better for competition in the market and you setting yourself coming cable. I mean Comcast best online black friday sales would have given broadband service cable service televoice service in so when you look at. How much lovers they would have had over the market the concern for opponents of this murder was that they would in fact be capable to control. And disease like you mentioned like Netflix and these other parents streaming services sandy that thinking. Behind black friday internet deals the end of this mergers that this competition will remain to the market and that's essentially good for consumers. On a macro level if you step back is there a larger message there about restrictions on landscape. Wolf absolutely these these large mergers wool. Will not go through at least we know the DOJ and SEC aren't accommodating of that. They must state that this doesn't meal that mean that Time Warner's off the table just yet we know that there's businesses charter communication that is interested. And buying Time Warner's whilst that this isn't the end what stores are having black friday sales of that worked the word likely going to carry on to hear about a potential bide for Time Warner. Okay less cynical it's your turn into the broader market compatible with NASDAQ what a day yesterday what actually transpired. Yeah have slowly aiming he reached said the highs now in fifteen years and but you will want to million a lot of people making this comparison are we seeing another bubble here is at the same is 2000 that there are some major differences were seen aiming for one. We're not seen this this craze surge that we saw back in 2000 I mean you glance at the numbers. 22% climb over today's world you compare that with fifteen years ago where there was a hundred in 9% surge in the year before the last week so. People making comparisons but we're not seeing this also thing as we did fifteen years ago we must state also that you know. If we're going back 2000 and then what we're seeing now and the NASDAQ was much heavier tech focus back and we're seeing a majority of these hot bats aren't now. We're to be able to view. Health care like engine and Biogen but also tech companies that come earnin income life. Apple at faith and luck and searchengines like yahoo like lookup. I'm in if it is another caveat is exciting is okay so we're making these evaluations but. Yes they take inflation into mind and the NASDAQ still has a long way to go to reach those high that we saw fifteen years ago on fact they go. 600. 6009. Injured an eight points to reach those high is so people making a lrage benefit we saw yesterday but will not tolerate we're seeing. My high with regard to fifteen years. Some aide I. Yeah good frame of reference as well and I love the prodigy had to put that in there that we you know we in 2000 individuals were similar to. What does this label actually do who cares and has not come at the end of it right just throw money into it. Many of these startups but now you know Apple's making money we know FaceBook and Lou are making money so.

All right get up to date with your Yahoo! Finance keeper thanks so much every end of the week. UT again the black friday ads pleased a ton. This records has been software generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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